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→ How cute! The word mono actually means “ monkey ” but is used to talk about children, animals or anything Ser pija → to be really spoiled/stuck Today, we are going list the 25 most common Spanish slang terms you’ll hear from a Spaniard, whether it’s walking the streets of Madrid, or from a Spanish friend. 1) Guay. Guay is Spanish slang that normally refers to something or someone cool, and can even go as far as amazing. In general, you can use it for anything positive. In Spanish we can find different slang vocabulary which are fun to learn and in some ways can make your language ability sound more natural to the native listener. In today’s post, I’ll go over some of the common Spanish slang vocabulary you’re likely to come across if you ever decide to visit some of the South American Spanish-speaking countries.

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bárbaro (Argentina) – awesome, fantastic. Example: When traveling in Spanish speaking countries, one of the best ways to befriend a native Spanish speaker is to have some knowledge of their local slang, which is why today we’re going to teach you the very best Mexican slang. Spanish slang in Argentina can be hard to make sense of. Check out these 20 phrases of Argentine slang, and you are prepared to visit Argentina.

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Te quiero mucho is the less  Fundamental » All languages » Spanish » Terms by usage » Slang. Spanish nonstandard terms that are typically used to mark membership in a cultural  5) More Mexican Words, Please!

Slang in spanish

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Slang in spanish

Cuban Slang. Qué bola? Dominican Republican Slang. Que lo que?

Slang in spanish

Stop pulling my leg! ¡No te enojes, sólo te estaba mamando gallo! Don’t get mad, I was just teasing you! 15. Cuadrar.
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So, let me tell you that there are a lot of words. For example, the Diccionario de Americanismos lists 140 terms! I did my research using all the resources of my Spanish slang Knowing a language is often more about mastering the linguistic turns than knowing a lot of words. Improve your command of language with this Spanish Slang. 18.

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